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Software downloads by TechniSolve Software



AirState Air State Calculator

ACSpec Specification

DutyCalc process

PsyChart Psychrometric Chart

PsyPlot psychrometric report



RoomHeat heat load calculator

PeakLoad peak heat load calculator

SolarAngles heat gain calculator


Ducting Systems

DuctMate calculator

DuctNet network designer

DuctView fittings viewer

DuctPricer tender pricer

QuickDuct duct item price


Water Systems

PipeNet Pipe Network Designer

Water Pessure Drop (Water)

Moody diagram (friction vs flow diagram)

PipeFlow Circuit Pressure Drop (tabular)



ColdRoom Room load calculator

CoolTime time calculator

LineSize line size calculator

MollierChart Pressure - Enthalpy diagram

MollierWP System Diagnostic - using Mollier

RefDiag System Diagnostic

RefSim system designer

CondUnit Unit range

DoorFlow room open door aiflow



CableSize cable sizer

CapTube tube calculator

CompMan manager

FanBelt belt selector

FanMan database editor

FanSelect selector



CWC Water Coil

HWC Water Coil

DXC eXpansion Coil

ACC Cooled Condenser

STC Coil

HRC Reclaim Coil


Heat Exchanger Tools

CWCControl coil control program

DXCControl coil control program

ACCControl coil control program

eNtuCurve curve

HexDuty Exchanger Duty

lmtdCalc Calculator



TimeZone time zones

IniPad text file editor

WorldLocations locations database editor

Climate climatic regions

WallBuilder composite editor

ConvertIT convertor



Sudoku number puzzle



All of the downloads above are zipped by WinZip to make your downloads faster and more secure.

To install, unzip and run the setup.exe file.